Hydra dialler is a predictive dialler platform designed to boost your company’s productivity by maximising staff performance. It has many clear advantages over non predictive telephone systems, most notably by way of huge increases in agent productivity. Simply load up your data and watch your agents go to work. With little or no down time it’s easy to why productivity increases of 300%+ can be achieved in no time at all.

How Does The System Work?

The system works by detecting the live contact whilst anticipating the availability of an agent. It then passes the call to the available agent before it rings. It does this by using a variety of algorithms to adjust the timing of outbound calls and predict the availability of ‘idle’ agent to respond to a live call. The system regulates the calling process according to the number of agents it anticipates to be available, the average length of the call and historical percentage of calls that are likely to get a live caller.

If fewer agents are available, the dialler should dial less frequently. It is through these self-learning algorithms that ‘predictability’ of the predictive Hydra dialler comes into action. Where calls are put through and no agent is available (drop calls) Hydra also incorporates a pre-recorded message facility to hold onto a client before he or she is attended by a live agent.

The final result being increased productivity and performance of your staff and business.

Key Features of HYDRA Dialler

Advanced Inbound Functionality

Hydra will seamlessly blend inbound calls with your outbound dialling activity to optimise agent performance and manage bursts of inbound activity.

Sophisticated Call Recording

All calls are recorded and can be accessed and downloaded via the management interface. Recordings can be searched by time, date and agent.

Call Scripting

The Hydra agent interface allows for custom scripts to be assigned to your campaigns.

VoIP & SIP Enabled

With Hydra you can be safe in the knowledge that your investment is future proofed due to its industry leading VOIP technology. Hydra uses industry leading SIP Trunks to route all calls via the internet. This is a huge benefit over expensive, limited ISDN30 circuits.

Real Time Data Management & Reporting

Hydra provides a reporting interface which give real-time and historic reporting in an easy to read format. Data can be filtered by date, campaign and agent. There is also a “status board” which will give details of logged in agents, dialled calls, agents waiting and call queues

Third-party application Integration

The Hydra Predictive Dialler System has the ability to integrate with third-party applications via ODBC connections to it’s back-end MySQL database.

Predictive Outbound Dialling

The Hydra Dialler can simultaneously combine multiple outbound dialling whilst allowing inbound calls. This allows companies to run both inbound and outbound within one system, efficiently and professionally.

Using the Hydra dialler over a non predictive system will significantly increase talk time and performance by 300%+. Hydra automatically removes unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answer machines ensuring you get the maximum efficiency from your data and agents whilst remaining OFCOM and OFTEL compliant.

Bespoke Configuration

Hydra is a highly adaptable solution which can be tailored to your existing contact and business strategies. Hydra can be configured for your exact business needs, not those of businesses like yours.

Hydra can map your existing call centre processes and deliver a solution perfect for your business.

Call routing, campaign structure, data management, dialler algorithms, agent roles, script options, call recording permissions, reporting and more can all be tailored and created through a simple user interface to meet your business needs

WhatClients Say

  • Calling from standard excel spread sheets wasn't providing us with the right platform to achieve sales targets or DMC`s. Through the use of the Hydra Dialler platform, we have now been able to achieve a high level of penetration of our data. Our agents have embraced the system and now spend 75% of their time talking rather than dialling. The Hydra Dialler Platform has also reduced our operational call cost (PBX etc) though VOIP without losing productivity or quality of service. Hydra`s level of support has been excellent throughout.

    Lee Boon
    EAB Marketing
  • Since we've started using the Hydra Dialler we've seen a huge increase in our sales performance. Our agents have become more productive and focused and using the Hydra interface we can keep an eye on KPI's at all times. The on-going support has been excellent and overall the Hydra Dialler has made a massive positive impact on our business.

    N. Mohammed
    Legal Claim Line

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