Bottom-Line Benefits

Let’s cut to the chase you say ‘How is this going to benefit my Business’

Increased Productivity

Our HYDRA predictive dialler is designed to boost your company’s productivity by maximising staff performance.

Designed with call centre and outbound call operations in mind, the Hydra system is a clever piece of software that increases the productivity of your agents by removing unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answer machines, ultimately providing your staff with three times as many opportunities to talk to customers and sell your products / services!

Once we have installed the Hydra system for you simply load up your data and watch your agents go to work. With little or no down time it’s easy to why productivity increases of 300%+ (when compared to the manual dial format) can be achieved in no time at all.

SIP / VOIP Call Charges

By switching your calls through HYDRA VOIP (SIP) we can make huge savings for your organisation. As a volume buyer we have secured some of the best and lowest rates in the industry, without compromising on quality or reliability.

From experience by switching minutes to HYDRA our clients have benefitted from huge reductions in telephony charges with no reduction in call quality or service.

Please speak to your account manager today about routing your calls through HYDRA and start saving money straight away.

Customers Using HYDRA

Increase in Productivity

Number of VoIP Calls Connected

Number of Hosted Systems

WhatClients Say

  • Calling from standard excel spread sheets wasn't providing us with the right platform to achieve sales targets or DMC`s. Through the use of the Hydra Dialler platform, we have now been able to achieve a high level of penetration of our data. Our agents have embraced the system and now spend 75% of their time talking rather than dialling. The Hydra Dialler Platform has also reduced our operational call cost (PBX etc) though VOIP without losing productivity or quality of service. Hydra`s level of support has been excellent throughout.

    Lee Boon
    EAB Marketing
  • Since we've started using the Hydra Dialler we've seen a huge increase in our sales performance. Our agents have become more productive and focused and using the Hydra interface we can keep an eye on KPI's at all times. The on-going support has been excellent and overall the Hydra Dialler has made a massive positive impact on our business.

    N. Mohammed
    Legal Claim Line

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