Not Sure What You Need?

The HYDRA solution can be moulded to fit any business of any size

Home Office

VoIP allows you to easily increase or decrease your system without the hassle of fees, line rental, and complex contracts.

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Small Business

Save up to 40% on the cost of your daily business calls by switching to an easy to use, internet based VoIP telephone system.

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A superfast internet connection can hold up to 200 concurrent high definition calls at one time, making VoIP perfect for your business.

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Enjoy free internal calls and easily transfer calls between VoIP phones and mobiles. Great for staff in multiple offices.

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Learn More About HYDRA’s FEATURES

Hydra dialler has many clear advantages over non predictive telephone systems, most notably by way of huge increases in agent productivity.

What Makes Us

∞ Server Speeds

100Mbps pipe per server
enough for 3000 lines


we support our
clients globally


Our Servers Are Designed And Built For VoIP

Cluster Fail Safe

If One Fails Others Will Take Over (Hence HYDRA)

Designed With You In Mind

The HYDRA system is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, from adding additional extensions to setting up voicemails can all be done from your user portal!

Alternatively you can always give us a call and we can assist you in setting up your solution!

Hand Tailored, For You.

Hydra is a highly adaptable solution which can be tailored to your existing contact and business strategies. Hydra can be configured for your exact business needs, not those of businesses like yours.

Hydra can map your existing call centre processes and deliver a solution perfect for your business.

Hosted Dialler

While most of our clients prefer the onsite system set up, where we will install the Hydra system on a server within your own facility, some customers may prefer to opt for the Hosted solution.


We'll Support You

HYDRA’s first class support will provide your business with the resources and assistance you need to get the best out of your VoIP system


Numbers Ported